John Rodsett

Sr. Executive Producer

John Rodsett is a Media Producer; International Film distributor; published Author; Speaker and University lecturer. He has had numerous fascinating careers from being an executive at 20th Century Fox; to being Vice President, Controller of the Los Angeles Summer Olympic Organizing Committee; Owner of his own Film company, to being a full time University Professor (adjunct) at the University of Miami, School of Business. For over 20 years John has owned his company film producing, financing, selling, marketing and distributing independent feature films. he has produced many feature films, distributed hundreds internationally plus he has executive produced documentaries on O.J Simpson, Lucille Ball and Paul Watson , Co-Founder of Green Peace. John has also published a number of books on the film industry including his best seller “The Film Biz Bible,” which is a comprehensive view of the business aspects of the independent film industry.

Cathy Perfrement


Highly skilled in all forms of media. Over the past 10 years she has applied her creative ability toward digital photography, digital editing and producing graphics for web and print. Her talents include still frame photography, motion and still graphics, animation, HD and 4K editing, audio editing, and multi-camera video mixing. She has more than 10 years experience using the Adobe Production Studio editing platform creating and editing Broadcast commercials, imagery and video for web, editing full-length feature films, editing short features, producing and editing/mixing music videos, book cover layouts, real-estate virtual tours, Corporate promotional videos, and Business videos for tradeshows.

Richard Perfrement

Director of Photography

Thirty years plus experience with 35 mm and digital still frame photography and HD/4K multiple camera videography. Have FAA license for drone videography/photography. Contributed to photographic publications for commercial use with governments and private enterprises. Director of photography for documentaries and local commercials for cable television. Line producer for major motion picture. Have 25 years as an educator including University of Alberta and University of Washington as well as special education in the public schools.

Allen Plone

Producer, Wineries

Created and produced a wide selection of marketing and video promotional campaigns including Water’s Edge Wineries; Rancho Capistrano Winery;The Wine Tailor; Monterey Peninsula Hospital;IBM ; Northern California Auto Dealers Association; Garand Collectors Association County Bank. Numerous writing and directing credits in film, television and print media. Copywriting and commercial directing awards, including a Clio. Published author. Award-winning writer/director of industrial, marketing and promotional films. Creator of numerous successful media campaigns. Award winning photographer.