New World Career Order
April 15, 2016
April 19, 2016
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New World Career Order, Part Two

Part 2

Many industries, jobs and skills have vanished and new skill requirements have replaced them. Old ways of job hunting, resume presentation, job searches and networking have substantially altered – the old ways are no longer viable. New skill sets and new approaches must be adopted and a new attitude to these changes must be accepted.

Many factors have contributed to this significant shift, such as globalization and significant technology advancements. As the world economies become more connected they have increased opportunity, but also increased competition. Add to this, the financial collapse of 2007 and the resulting economic downturn and unemployment, the impact has been serious. The world of employment appears to be moving to  short-term contract type employment that is constantly being reviewed with limited benefits and limited security – truly a new world order!

Because of recent events, the employment situation has changed dramatically for many people, especially for baby boomers. This has caused significant anxiety and self-doubt about where they want to go and where they might find themselves.

There is a need to explore new avenues. New circumstances means new approaches. For all ?

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