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May 18, 2016
Career Change: Do You have a Career Roadmap ?
May 27, 2016
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Career Change: Do You Have A Personal Career Brand ?

Career Change: Do You Have A Personal Career Brand ?

Personal self-branding has become extremely important in the career marketplace. An online personal branding strategy needs to be created, managed and put into action. Personal career branding is about defining who you are; your attributes; your goals. It is about identifying what makes you unique and how you can contribute and create value to future clients and companies.

Your profile must clearly identify your accomplishments; highlight your strengths and skills; list your education; state your professional qualifications; identify your work experience and any other attributes that can provide and create a level of quality differentiation from your competitors.

The profile should stand out and be highly presentable and professional. Your personal career brand reflects who and what you are in the business community. Your marketing has to be effective and consistent.


Promote your career brand in every source and avenue available. That includes, but is not limited to – all platforms of social media; publications and magazines; articles; blogs; networking groups; websites, and of course, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Your personal brand needs to be established and marketed just like any other brand in business – except it is “YOU”. It is you marketing “you”, as part of your career change strategy.

Do not underestimate the time, thought and preparation it takes to complete and maintain this very important task. Creating profiles for all the various online sites and making sure you maximize your potential is very important. Research social media sites and compare your profile with others that you may be competing with.

 Market Yourself

Marketing yourself is all about the need to create, revise, polish, and publish your own career brand. Marketing will enhance your exposure to opportunities. Create a profile that will attract and impress clients and businesses.

Ensure that your social media branding targets the businesses, industries and people that will benefit you in your future career choice. In my case, I had to re-define many of my skills and attributes focused on a new venture; therefore, my brand statement was very different from my past careers. This took time and research to create my brand suitable for my new career focus.

Self Promotion

Self-promotion or marketing of “YOU” sounds self-indulgent and  overwhelming. However, the ability to market yourself is much easier than years ago and is an important element of your career development. It takes time to become familiar with all the avenues available to market yourself. I spent many hours reading books, articles and reviewing websites and social media platforms.

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