Changing Careers: Personal Career Brand – You must have one?
June 1, 2016
Career Change: The Five Step Approach – STEP ONE (Series: 2 of 6)
June 10, 2016
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Career Change : Can my Five Step Approach help you ? (Series: 1 of 6)


This Approach will help, assist, motivate, inspire and provide a step by step structured approach to a very daunting and extremely difficult task – changing careers!

The five steps are not here to help you write your resume or give you tips on interview technique or tell you what job you should get. The Approach is here to provide a proven strategy to help guide you through the process that will enable you to make important decisions for your own career choice.  A blueprint for career change success.

The Five Step Approach creates a manageable working plan that provides tools, goals, techniques, strategies and personal practical experiences each step of the way.

The object is to assist you in overcoming obstacles and barriers and provide direction for the optimal path to career change success.

The five steps are:

WHAT DO YOU WANT – (Identify goals)

WHERE ARE YOU NOW – (Your present career & life)

WHAT YOU NEED TO HAVE – (Strategies,tools and techniques)

HOW TO GET THERE – (Plan of action / career roadmap)

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO – (Action / Execute)

How do you identify your career goals?

How do you create a career roadmap?

How do you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

The five step approach to career change success will guide you through the process

Career Change Workshop

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