Career  Change Dilemma ?

Adjusting from Military to a Civilian Career ?

Not sure How to Change Careers ?

Looking for Guidance ?


THE SOLUTION ... and why I want to help

My father was in the Royal Air Force (United Kingdom) for twenty seven years. He decided to leave the military when I was eleven because all the travelling was negatively affecting my schooling.

At such an early age, I saw first-hand the difficulties my father had in the transition from military to civilian life.When my world changed so dramatically I had to re-invent my career.

I thought about what my father had gone through. I vowed to help veterans with career change.

The Five Step Approach will help you… I know… it did for me.

John Rodsett


Will the workshop help you?  Most definitely

Will it help you identify what you really want?  Yes indeed

Will it help you identify goals, tools and strategies that will guide you? 100% Yes

Will it create a purpose, a mission, provide options and courses of action for future change? You bet

Is John Rodsett qualified to present this Workshop ? Definitely yes

This presentation will help remove stress and anxiety by providing clarity of purpose. Yes

Create a clear defined and structured five step plan of action to meet your goals – There is no doubt

Step by Step to Career Change Success….


two books




"I Lived it... I Did it." - John Rodsett